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Our Values

Help clients Voice concerns that remain beneath the surface Embrace the Unknowns to allow the emergence of creativity, opportunity and learning Strive for Congruence between person, role and organisation
See and do everything with a spirit of Curiosity Seek and deliver Simplicity, for our clients and ourselves  

Just as you understand certain languages or prefer particular cuisines, we have a deep appreciation for the diversity of our clients’ needs as well as their preferences (and openness) for certain types of consulting or coaching interventions.

To maximise the impact of our interventions for the clients’ specific issues and needs, we at Glia combined behavioural, cognitive, systemic, psychodynamic and neuro-linguistic systems to develop our unique client-centric consulting and coaching method.

At the core of our approach is a three-tiered process. We work with clients to develop a foundation of Awareness through the process of observation, inquiry and exploration. Over time, we have also come to realise that awareness itself does not always lead to Understanding; and without understanding, the probability of reversion to previous states becomes higher. So, we invest time to develop understanding, by helping clients to formulate problem hypotheses, to make connections between disparate events, and to understand their part in the (equation). Awareness + Understanding create as a solid platform for the client to take more informed and effective Action.

This process of awareness → understanding → action is not a finite cycle, and neither is it always linear. As we become aware, develop understanding and take action, we discover new elements to ourselves, our teams and our organisations. At other times, we need to take action, to help spark awareness and understanding. And the cycle repeats itself, creating new layers of meaning and learning. This process underlies our believe about change and development.

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