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Our Values

Help clients Voice concerns that remain beneath the surface Embrace the Unknowns to allow the emergence of creativity, opportunity and learning Strive for Congruence between person, role and organisation
See and do everything with a spirit of Curiosity Seek and deliver Simplicity, for our clients and ourselves  

Ayin took time to understand the issues and personalities before structuring  a programme that helped us build an effective management team. His work was hugely valuable…and our business continues to prosper.

Will Pressley
CEO, Health & Fitness Solutions
London, United Kingdom

Working with Ayin is both helpful and fun.  His mix of business experience, global perspective and psychology makes his consultancy and coaching approach more holistic.

Thamer S. Al-Munajem
Manager, Mawhiba Young Leaders
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I hired Ayin to be part of the coaching team on the first cohort of INSEAD’s new senior leadership development programme. Ayin has… proven to be consistently insightful and engaging.

Prof. Jean-François Manzoni (PhD. Harvard)
Professor of Management Practice
The Shell Chaired Professor of Human Resources and Organisational Development
Academic Director, INSEAD Global Leadership Centre

Ayin is the kind of coach that I would want to reach out to and get continued feedback from during the rest of my professional career. Ayin earns and gives trust in a constructive but still challenging way. I see excellent results.

Peter Vestergaard
First VP for IT Operations, Danske Bank Group
Copenhagen, Denmark

I have worked with Ayin as a consulting colleague, and found him to be firm and challenging with participants, while allowing them space to reflect and develop their own ideas.  His insights helped surface issues that would otherwise have remained unknown.

Scott Bissessar
Global Lead
Change Management and Strategy Implementation, Golder Associates
Toronto, Canada

I have hired Ayin on two occasions as a Consultant. I was very impressed with his work, his integrity and the warmth of his personality. He was admired and respected as a consultant for his openness, creativity and professionalism.

Michael Scott
Hon. Senior Lecturer in Psychoanalysis, University of Essex; Leadership Consultant
Essex, United Kingdom

Ayin brings to his consulting and coaching work extensive international business experience at senior levels. I have observed Ayin contribute powerful insight to human, strategic and organisational issues.  He carries this deep understanding with gracious humility.

Tara Kimbrell Cole
Chief Executive Officer, Consultant and Executive Coach, Synovations Pte. Ltd.

Ayin helped us create a platform for better communication to deal with conflictual situations.  He allowed me to discover how to move forward better in my life & my career.  I will remember Ayin as a deeply human-centered & very professional person.

David Magni
Product Manager, Fischer Connectors SA
Geneva, Switzerland

Ayin pushed the group and myself outside our comfort zone.  His subtle yet direct approach did not overpower, instead he gained my trust.  Ayin also shared with me a powerful image that until today makes it possible for me to draw upon the essential tools that I need.

Debora Schaer
Managing Director, United Lda
Lisbon, Portugal

Ayin’s ability to listen, probe and challenge in a constructive and insightful way made the coaching process far more impactful. When you spend time discussing your personal and professional journey, the number one ingredient is trust and over the 12 months I have been involved with Ayin, this has been a core pillar of our combined success.

Ash Peck
Global CIO, Treasury Wine Estates
Melbourne, Australia

Working with Ayin as my Executive Coach has given me the kick that I’ve been looking for for several years without knowing it, and has led to a personal development for me, enabling me to cope much better with daily leadership as well as personal challenges.

Søren Mølby Henriksen
Head of Category Management IT, Danske Bank Group
Copenhagen, Denmark

As a coach, Ayin wasted no time in getting the team to the heart of the issues. He always asked thought provoking questions and wouldn’t let us back off too easily. With his help, I have many new discoveries about myself.

Allan Lam

When working with Ayin, he quickly grasped the cornerstones of my personality and got me out of my comfort zone. He regularly opened me up for new views and new possibilities I had inside myself.

Gian-Mattia Schucan
Owner, schucan management inc.
Bern, Switzerland

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