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Our Values

Help clients Voice concerns that remain beneath the surface Embrace the Unknowns to allow the emergence of creativity, opportunity and learning Strive for Congruence between person, role and organisation
See and do everything with a spirit of Curiosity Seek and deliver Simplicity, for our clients and ourselves  

Ayin Jambulingam has over 20 years’ experience in business and leadership development. Traversing the worlds of finance, business and organisational behaviour across three continents, he continues to build bridges between various disciplines to develop a deeper understanding of organisations and the people that operate within them.

Ayin is appreciated for his ability to quickly partner with clients to help assess, design and deliver solutions. He is also regarded for his patience in allowing clients to develop their own learnings, and also for his persistence in encouraging them to continue exploring and taking action.

When working with teams and organisations, Ayin helps his clients gain awareness of the systems dynamics that impact on their processes. His understanding of group dynamics and psychology allows him to contribute to the creation of more cohesive and coherent teams, to the exercise of more mindful leadership, and to the improvement of a team’s productivity and output.

With executives, Ayin believes that as clients become more senior, the issues they face are less technical and more behavioural. As such, he guides clients in an exploration of their internal and external dynamics to discover the factors that influence their behaviours. He also provides a variety of tools and methods to help clients experience change, take up their leadership roles with more authenticity and awareness, and to improve their workplace performance.

In his prior business roles, Ayin was a transaction lead at boutique venture capital firms in London and Geneva. Prior to that, he held senior roles at KPMG in Dublin, as well as at PwC and Morgan Stanley in New York.

Ayin holds an MA in Psychoanalytic Organisational Consultation jointly awarded by the University of East London and the Tavistock Clinic. He is a Certified Master Coach from the Behavioural Coaching Institute, a Master Practitioner of NLP and an ABNLP Master Coach, as well as a Language and Behaviour Profile Coach. He is also an Irish Chartered Accountant and holds an MBA (Distinction in Leadership) from IMD International.

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